…over a crap haircut.  From Bradenton.com‘s Sylvia Lim :

Zachary Sharples, 12, a Lincoln Middle School student, got a mohawk, just like some Rays players have worn during their pennant drive. He sprayed it blue and rooted for his team.

Before Zachary went to bed, he made sure to wash off the dye so he wouldn’t get in trouble at school the next day.
But the boy’s 1-inch mohawk still earned him an in-school suspension Monday, said his father Kevin Pennington. Zachary was told he violated dress code.

“My son is a diehard baseball fan. He’s not a bad kid, he doesn’t get into trouble,” said Zachary’s father Kevin Pennington, a magazine art director. “All you see in the news right now is about the Rays. . . . Now 500 to 1,000 people are walking around with mohawks. It’s not offensive.”

Left unsaid is the possibility that young Scharples’ school principal takes a dim view of mohawks purely because the Quincy Punk thing bums him out.