Georgia Tech 4, Clemson 0 (middle of the 7th)

Why must a major sporting event be marred by ill-informed, nonsensical, grating-as-hell commentary? What could ESPN have been thinking?

But enough about Dave O’Brien, the dulcet tones of Jeff Brantley are really making this a College World Series worth pressing the mute button for. Such an action would’ve prevented the viewer from hearing Brantley compare his experience pitching in the 1985 CWS for Mississippi State to taking part in the 1989 World Series with the San Francisco Giants, but the cliche’ “too much information” comes to mind virtually everytime Brantley opens his gaping mouth.

The Yellowjackets’ lefthander Lee Hyde (above) has allowed a mere two hits over 7 shutout innings while striking out 6, rendering what could be a ping-tastic affair into a onesided contest.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays prospect B.J. Upton was charged with driving under the influence earlier today in Chapel Hill, N.C. Esteban Loaiza is outraged —- if you’re not gonna crack 100 MPH while impaired, what’s the point?