As the Subway Series gets ready to kick off in some two hours time, Metsradamus isn’t ready to let any slights, real or imagined on the part of SportsNet NY go unnoticed.

Following Thursday’s Mets game, “Daily News Live” had their Yankees/Mets preview. Who were the guests? Two Daily News writers, as is the norm, and recording artist/Yankee fan Fat Joe.

Fat Joe?

So let me get this straight…the Daily News’ own Bob Raismann slams Gary and Keith for being biased by wearing rally caps in the fourteen inning game against Atlanta, but Fat Joe can go on “Daily News Live” and get the panel, a panel mysteriously devoid of a celebrity Met fan, to dance the “lean back” dance (puke bucket, please) and that’s OK?

Given that SNY could’ve just as well invited former spring training invitee Garth Brooks, I’m totally OK with these exclusionary tactics.