On more than one occasion, I’ve made a disparaging reference to the Human Whoopie Cushion’s professional sports site as a repository for on-line gambling advertisers.  Why is this a bad thing you might ask? Well, aside from the tremendous human toll the gambling industry has taken from our society (said in solemn, Mushnickian tones) comment spam from these motherfuckers has been on a plague on this and other quality blogs’ bandwidth bills and free time.

Simply put, these people are scum and taking their money is as short-sighted as it is morally reprehensible.

So imagine my surprise just hours ago, to see multiple advertisement for “Moundcharger.com”, a fairly silly online videogame…that turns out to be an advertising vehicle for Bodog.com, the same online gambling firm that not only sponsors the Lingerie Bowl, but has been one of Deadspin’s heaviest advertisers.

I’m as shocked and dismayed as you are. And while I have the right to reject this ad based on content, doing so would take at least 2 or 3 minutes out of my busy schedule.  So alternatively, I make the following pledge to you, the devoted readers of CSTB :

1) for the duration of the “Moundcharger.com” spots’ run, I will do as little as possible to make CSTB an interesting place to visit. That’s right, even less than before.  When the traffic plummets to levels not seen since the blog’s inception, not only will Bodog have not gotten their money’s worth, but no other online gambling company will dare follow suit.

2) I will boycott the 2007 Lingerie Bowl.

Much as I’d love to send the money back to Bodog, I am sorry to say that just isn’t possible. David Pinto’s children deserve to go to the finest private schools, and I am very committed to making certain they never experience firsthand what public shool students refer to as “a clowning.” Some things in this life are worth standing up for.

Thank you,

The Management.