While at least one national magazine considers Roger Goodell a somewhat heroic figure, these are especially grim days when various members of the NFL workforce are either killing themselves, their significant others or their teammates. Given that no one’s been killed (yet), the travails of Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs might not receive as many column inches, but details revealed by The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson suggest that at the very least one might want to wear a helmet (or bulletproof vest) before going steady with the former.

Suggs’ longtime girlfriend, Candace Willams claimed in a protective order filed last month that the Ravens’ Pro Bowler punched her in the neck and drove a car containing their two children at a “high rate of speed” while she was being dragged alongside.

The reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year has since been ordered to turn over seven guns, including an AK-47, according to a temporary protective order granted by the Baltimore County Circuit Court. Suggs does not face criminal charges related to the alleged early September incident.

Ravens director of team security Darren Sanders denied that Suggs’ firearms included an AK-47, but he confirmed that one of the guns was a shotgun.

In a previous incident involving the pair, Williams alleged that on December 2009 Suggs, “held me down on the floor and poured bleach on me and our son, held me down on the floor and kicked my face and broke my nose. Throughout our relationship since early 2007, he has punched me in the face and stomach and threatened to take the children from me if I left him. He stole my ID so I could not leave.”