Much will continue to be written about Saturday’s Game 4 of the NCAA Austin Regional, a record/patience-shattering affair that saw the no. 1 seed University Of Texas outlast Boston College, 3-2 in a 25-inning, 7 hour + marathon, in particular, the astonishing performance of Texas reliever Austin Wood.

In an era in which a big-league closer going more than 3 outs is rare enough, Wood’s 13 IP, 169 pitch, shutout performance  is almost impossible to believe.  Not for me, however.  I was there.   For part of it, anyway.

In arriving late (top of the 7th) and leaving early (end of the 19th), I might’ve missed the begining and end of what was arguably was of the greatest collegiate postseason games ever played (it was certainly the longest), but I did witness the first 10.2 IP of Wood’s 12 inning no-no.  As such, I’m keeping my ticket stub in a very special treasure chest containing other cherished sporting nicknacks that are worth no money whatsoever.

Action at Disch-Falk continues in about 45 minutes, as the Longhorns host Army for the second time in 3 days.  If Texas wins, they’ll advance to next weekend’s Super Regionals.  A victory for the visiting G.I. Joe Wannabees pushes the series to a decisive 4th game (Monday evening).