Particularly observant CSTB readers will notice that I’ve recently accepted a (poorly-designed) advertisement for independent candidate for Governor of Texas, Carol Keeton Strayhorn.

In the long and storied history of biting my paymasters’ hands off, I would like to state categorically that I am not endorsing Strayhorn’s campaign and intend to send a third of the receipts from her ad to one of her opponents. Another third, as you know, goes to make sure that David Pinto’s children can attend a progressive learning institution.

I’m buying crack with the balance. What’s the good of attracting a major political advertiser if you can’t treat yourself?

Strayhorn likes to call herself “One Tough Grandma”. I’ve had a pair of tough grandmothers, thanks very much, and I wouldn’t have voted for either of them for dogcatcher. But if either had sent me a check for $100, I’d have done the exact same thing with the money (aside from the parts about making a political donation and sending David Pinto his cut).