Admittedly, this is less than thorough journalism on my part as I wasn’t an eyewitness to the above incident last night at the Scoot Inn. But I have a reasonable excuse — I’m deathly allergic to music that sucks.

Weasel has some valid points about the exploitative nature of SXSW, though the LA Times’ Todd Martens failed to mention an apparent earlier incident in which the former had a gun placed against his temple, forcing him to take part in a global trade fair that’s been doing this sort of thing for over two decades. That Screeching Weasel received a mere $250 appearance fee when they claim to take home $25K for other shows either speaks volumes about SXSW’s leverage in the entertainment biz or Weasel being a financial nincompoop. Or, as Ted DiBiase once put it, everyone has their price. Ben Weasel’s just happens to fluctuate.