I think we can all agree there was only one Wayne Static, even if some of us occasional get him mixed up with the guy from Drowning Pool (there’s only one of him too, though if I were to google his name I might learn he’s been cloned). I can’t remember which sports pundit with the extremely punchable face (ie. all of them) opined some years ago that you don’t wanna be the guy who replaces the guy (vax phobia aside, this didn’t work out so badly for Aaron Rogers, wacky shirts aside it worked out quite poorly for Ray Handley), but it might well be applicable in this case – perhaps the burden of expectations, stepping into a legend’s boots etc. will not be as burdensome for whoever replaces Edsel Dope (sorry, Xer0) in future editions of Static-X.

There’s no Static X music on this week’s show, mostly due to rights clearance issues but also because I got them mixed up with Drowning Pool and had to re-write this week’s program notes at the last moment.

D.A.F. Mein Herz Macht Bum
Fret – Shut That Dog Up
The Bug – King Of The Cage (ft. Mark Stewart)
NAPPYNAPPA – Cellophane
The Rootsman v Muslimgauze – Tehran
Cheb Terro & Taymour – Rai Futura 2000
Midnight Mines – Survivors Of The Volcanic Ages
Soft Shoulder – Eroded Cause
Fish & Roses – Postcard
Sister Dora Alexander – Times Done Changed
Jem Finer – The Names Of The Born & The Names Of The Dead
Craig Leon – Four Eyes To See Afterlife
Tom Recchion – Jazz 2000 AD?Pt. IV
Parasite Nurse – Matte Reflection / Grey Neon / Contextualization
Bo Anders Parrson – Love Is Here To Stay
Fresh Blueberry Pancake – Clown On A Rope
Ace Of Spit – Kaw-Tikvah
Jason Nazary & Leo Chang – Eleven
More Klementines – Ascension
Claire Cirocco / Fred Thomas – Dull Knife
Astrid Øster Mortensen – Smelter Væk