Texas Tech 69, Kansas 64

(Brandon “Rattled By The” Rush, slightly distracted by a tasteless remark from a former St. John’s coach)

For the 2nd time in two years, the Red Raiders have knocked off a top ten ranked Kansas team on their annual visit to Lubbock, and on both occasions, Tech’s Darryl Dora (19 points off the bench) played a big part in the upset. Aggrieved KU alumnus Kris Gillespie claims he heard Fran Fraschilla declare the Jayhawks “looked like Buddy Holly in an ice storm”, which is only slightly worse that being told you look like Joey Welz when it’s 60 degrees and cloudy.

I was captivated by the Indiana/UConn game on CBS at the same time, so I can’t corroborate Kris’ version of events. Well, that and some movie starring Brittany Murphy that seemed to be one long product placement for a) Palm Pilots and b) the Carly Simon back catalog. As commericals-disguised-as-films go, it was no “Mac & Me”, that’s for sure.