If the Charlotte Bobcats succeed in tanking their remaining games against Orlando and New York, are the suckiest team in pro hoops history?  Noting the Bobcats have a lockout shortened 66 game schedule, former Sixers coach Kevin Loughery suggests putting an asterisk next to Charlotte’s mark for futility.  Through the wonders of Sports Illustrated’s L. Jon Wertheim’s memories of the ’72-73 Philly squad that lost a record 73 games, we can conclude one thing for certain.   F John Q. Trapp hated sitting on the bench.

3-31: An otherwise forgettable loss to the Detroit Pistons was made memorable when head coach Roy Rubin attempted to substitute for forward John Q. Trapp. Although Rubin denies it, legend has it that Trapp refused to come out and then instructed Rubin to look behind the bench. When the coach turned around, one of Trapp’s consorts supposedly opened his jacket and showed Rubin his handgun. With Trapp still in the game, the Sixers lost 141-113.

4-47: At the All-Star break Philadelphia axed Rubin and named Kevin Loughery as player-coach. Rubin, his coaching reputation forever besmirched, moved to Florida and bought an International House of Pancakes franchise. “I don’t hold any grudges, but the day I came in, Billy Cunningham, the team’s best player, jumped to the ABA and things went downhill from there,” says Rubin, who now works with at-risk kids in Miami. “All the losing really eats you up, and it took me awhile to get over that season.” Incidentally, after Loughery’s elevation, one of the team’s first roster moves was to release John Q. Trapp.