(does this man look capable of assault with intent to injure?)

A couple of you have opined that Houston’s Roy Oswalt was most definetly throwing with intent last night when he drilled the Mets’ Cliff Floyd, but I think you have to take the circumstances into account. First base was open. Oswalt had seemingly been given instructions by Phil Garner to offer Floyd a free pass, and he’d already beaned Floyd once previously after allowing a grand slam in May of 2004. And Floyd was hit in the back.

OK, so maybe it doesn’t look so good for Oswalt. But putting the pile of evidence aside for a moment, look into Roy’s eyes. Consider his freakishly swelled skull. Think about the hideous facial hair. In your heart of hearts, do you really believe that Oswalt was cowardly enough to dust off Cliff Floyd?

While we’re on the subject of “sending a message”, whatever happened to the Candygram?