(photo by Eve Prime)

Let’s see if CSTB’s savvy readers can identify which great thinker was responsible for this :

The Super Bowl stinks because the halftime show always highlights someone who personifies everything that football isn’t ” melodic and graceful. Football is violent. Is it too much to ask that the music match the visuals? Prince, Justin Timberlake and Tom Petty are all talented artists, but in a game that can end with ruptured spleens, torn ligaments and concussions, I would like to hear an appropriate tune. Maybe some Pantera? How about some Maiden? What could be a better setting for an NWA reunion? Minus Eazy, of course.

was it…

a) Colin Cowherd
b) Rob Dibble
c) Jay Mohr
d) Stephen Merritt
e) none of the above?

No Googling!