from Byron

One time Fitz and I went to see a Biz Markie show and this jig was just playing songs from a mix CD he had probably made up a long time ago, talking about, “You guys remember this?” I could see using CD turntables maybe, but this asshole was just using a CD player. And that was basically his whole show. He tried to do “Just a Friend” and “Vapors,” but got lost after the first verse or so of each of them. On “Vapors” he just ended up turning down the music and having the crowd finish the song for him. So it obviously wasn’t for his showmanship that G-Dubs Mengele is bringing him in to play his inauguration’s Opportunity (read Jig) Ball. In fact, I’m sure it was just because he was the only well-recognized hip-hop artist that they could find that has absolutely no shame.