…and it isn’t Dave Marsh! From the New York Observer’s Leon Neyfahk :

Celebrated baseball writer Peter Golenbock, author of Dynasty: The New York Yankees 1949-64, has signed a contract with John Wiley & Sons to write a biography of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, it was announced today. The book will be called The Boss, and it is scheduled for publication in spring 2009.

Unclear whether Mr. Steinbrenner will cooperate with the project, or whether Mr. Golenbock, who currently resides in Florida, will relocate to New York to do his research.

One wonders, also, whether Mr. Golenbock’s controversial 2007 novel 7, in which he portrayed Mickey Mantle as something of a sex-crazed boozehound, will make it harder for him to get access to the famously cagey Yankees.

Indeed, Golenbock’s Mantle tome included an explicit description of the Mick fucking Marilyn Monroe, along with the suggestion Billy Martin was a rapist. Short of Albert Goldman coming back from the grave to pen a Shannon Hoon book, this is the greatest news I can imagine.