Far be for me to pass judgement on another adult’s internet habits. But it does seem as though the New York Daily News’ Lloyd Grove takes just a little too much glee in the salacious details of children’s MySpace profiles.

Whitney Houston’s husband, R&B crooner Bobby Brown, has enough troubles, but he should check out what his kids are up to on the Internet.

He might need a tranquilizer after reading the myspace.com profile of his 16-year-old daughter, LaPrincia – whose mom is Brown’s ex-girlfriend Kim Ward.

The teen, who lists her favorite alcoholic beverage as Smirnoff raspberry vodka, entertains a battery of off-color questions:

“Would you ever be an exotic dancer?”

“Ohh yess,” LaPrincia answers.

“Have you ever danced like a whore?” “Yess all the time.”

More innocently, she also confesses to streaking, kissing a girl and skinny-dipping.

Fourteen-year-old Bobby Jr. – also Ward’s child – boasts on his myspace.com profile: “i can read but i choose not to.”

I do understand that MySpace is a NewsCorp. property, and as such, Grove has a stake in making the competition look sleazy (which isn’t hard to do). But perhaps unwittingly, the gossip maven has given parents some valuable ammunition when they seek to censor their kids’ MySpace profiles. To wit, “be careful, Lloyd Grove is staring at you.”