The New York Post’s Peter Vescey, taking exception to the beauty contest that is the reserve selections for the NBA All-Star Game.

Gilbert Arenas (above) currently ranks fourth in NBA scoring, averaging a career-high 28.2 points. LeBron James is the only player that has scored more points for a team with a better winning percentage than Arenas’ Wizards.

Since the 1969-70 season, only 10 players have been ranked in Top Five in ppg at the All-Star break and did not make the All-Star team. None of those were averaging at least five assists per. Arenas currently is ranked 16th (5.9) in assists.

Only two players have ever entered the All-Star break averaging more than 28.0 points per game and not made the All-Star team ” Dick Barnett in 1965-66 (finished at 23.1) and World B. Free in 1978-79.

In other words, Arenas got stiffed. And he wasn’t alone. Chris Paul, whose Hornets have greatly exceeded the most optimistic pre-season expectations ” nobody’s more responsible for their 25-23 record ” was also shafted.

Interesting how the East’s head coaches put no value on Arenas’ comprehensive stats ” third in the league in minutes and 3-point field goals made, sixth in free throws made, and ninth in steals ” while the West’s head coaches completely overlooked where Allen’s 19-30 Sonics are in the standings.

I say, if not Paul, then definitely Carmelo Anthony rather than Allen. How can a guy be dominating the way Anthony is on a regular basis, winning three games at the final buzzer, and not be showcased in Houston? It’s a travesty!