Every once in a while I’d be watching television, most notably NYPD Blue and a few episodes of that show I heard about from William Donohue, and I’d be like, “hey… it’s one of the guys from Slap Shot!” (which is more than I could say of Michael Ontkean post-Twin Peaks).

Said actor was Brad Sullivan, who died of cancer on December 31 at the age of 77.

This note (via e-mail) from Ken “Toe” Blake of slapshotfan.com:

I’ve had the pleasure over the years of meeting with Brad on several occasions and talking about Slap Shot, my fundraising efforts, and his Christian ministry with the Asian community in NYC….

One day about 6 years ago we were sitting in a Starbucks close to his home in the city and Brad told me that he had recently seen Slap Shot for the first time since it’s release and he couldn’t believe how sacrilegious it was. He was genuinely saddened that he portrayed such a nasty character in the movie and he was sorry he had ever done it….

He didn’t like people who asked him about his role of Mo, but was a very kind man and he was happy to discuss his other quality roles and projects at any time with anybody. He did however. like the fact that anything he signed or gave me went to charity.