If the New York Times ownership fails to bully the 4 unions representing the Boston Globe’s workforce, the latter paper could be history within 60 days. In the eyes of longtime Boston radio hatefucker Howie Carr, dictating to someone at the competing Boston Herald, this is unquestionably terrific news. 

They can™t brag enough about their Pulitzer prizes, like they™re on the level or something. Seriously, the limousine liberals who pass the Politically Correct Pulitzers around among themselves every spring ought to rename them the Olbermanns and run the awards ceremony live on MSNBC. Truth in advertising.

Belatedly, the Globe has been trying to present as its public face the salt-of-the-earth types in the backshop, guys who live in towns like Weymouth and went to work at the paper out of high school.

These are the same blue-collar Massachusetts natives that the bow-tied bumkissers upstairs alternately disdain or despise as mean-spirited bigots who can™t be trusted to vote the œright way.

Outside the employees themselves and a few limp bloggers, nobody cares about the Globe™s demise. Let the epitaph be: Smug Is Not a Workable Business Plan. These pampered poodles assumed they had a monopoly. Nobody ever has a monopoly, at least not for long.

I™ll miss the old Globe. It was a laff-riot – remember in 2006 when its crack sports columnist previewed the Final Four matchup between George Mason and LSU, except there was no such game. They were in opposite brackets.

One last thing to all my dear friends on the Boulevard.

We™re not hiring. 

With a daily circulation roughly half of the failing Globe’s, that’s not really a surprise. Or anything to brag about.