Blogging for Pittsburgh’s KDKA, Jory Rand touched on the hottest storyline surrounding the Penguins/Capitals playoff series ; Washington’s cruel and unusual treatement of visiting media! (link courtesy Dan Steinberg). 

If karma is real, the Caps may be in trouble. They’re holding their workouts at their practice facility Kettler Sports Complex just outside the city making it impossible for media to cover both teams. They also took the interview podium with them. You know, that giant stage and banner with NHL and Stanley Cup logos on it? They took it with them. Odd, no? Not only that, but they’re not exactly being cordial with the Pens PR staff, and to top it all off, the soda fountain for media is broken. I know, I know, we are spoiled, but if you’re spending an entire day working in this building and there’s a soda fountain, is it too much to ask that it work? Maybe so.

Either way, we’ll see if any of this comes back to bite them, and we’ll see if I can find a drink ).

For once, rather than quote Steinberg’s retort at length, I’d prefer you read the whole thing on your own.  Not that I disagree with the Post blogger, but given Caps owner Ted Leonsis’ reputation for going whole-hog with the dessert cart, can you really blame Mr. Rand for feeling fucked over?