It was reported on Monday that veteran actor Dennis Farina, who excelled in a multitude of movie & TV tough guy roles over the years, had passed away at the age of 69.

While Farina’s performances in such critically lauded projects included but were hardly limited to  “Midnight Run”, “Law & Order” and “Luck”, few of his eulogists are likely to cite the 1996 Whoopi Goldberg star vehicle, “Eddie”, mostly because it is one of the worst films ever made about sports or anything else.  And while I regret having to tarnish Farina’s memory with a mention of the bomb in question, I am filled with genuine fear for any number of other members of the movie’s cast of dozens.  Farina is the third prominent thespian from “Eddie” to perish in recent years, having been preceded to the hereafter by Dwayne Schintzius and Waymon Tisdale.

I guess what I’m saying is —- aside from sorrow over Dennis Farina’s death —- why couldn’t it have been Rudy Giuliani? if you’re one of John Koncak’s creditors, now might be a really good time to make some sort of a deal.

(ADDENDUM : I neglected to mention the recent deaths of additional “Eddie” cast members, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, Bobby Phils and Malik Sealy.0