Last Sunday, I made brief mention of a piece in the Austin American-Statesman, profiling the Nokona Ballglove Company, the last major baseball glove manufacturer to assemble it’s wares on U.S. soil (Rawlings and Wilson have long since opted for cheaper foreign labor, even for their top-of-the-line models). Also noted was that Cubs 2B Todd Walker was Nokona’s sole paid endorser.

Later that day, Walker made a pair of costly errors in the Cubs’ 13-7 loss to the Mets.

On Tuesday, Nokona’s plant in Nocona, TX burned to the ground.

The Statesman’s Kevin Robbins writes that Nokona insists they’ll rebuild, and for this, I am terribly grateful. Having graced the doofus adult softball leagues of two different countries with my Nokona-assisted glovework (my career fielding percentage is approaching .400), I can personally vouch for the TLC that goes into each mitt made by these master craftsmen and women.

When and if they do reopen for business, I have but one suggestion : replace Todd Walker as the company spokesmodel. Nokona deserves far better. And Alex Rodriguez might be available.