Pending the results of a physical exam, free agent OF Pat Burrell has signed a two-year, $16 million contract with the Tampa Rays. As one observer points out, Burrell’s shortcomings in left will be forgotten when he’s replaced Cliff Floyd as Tampa’s designated hitter, while DRays Bay‘s R.J. Anderson warns of a potential “quick collapse in skills”.   Either way, Burrell will no longer torture New York Mets pitching , and for no other reason I applaud the signing.

The above patch will reportedly be a fixture on Mets home uniforms next season, and MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone, veering dangerously close to Paul Lukas territory calls it “one of the most basic, uninspiring designs I have seen in quite some time.”  Coming from someone undoubtedly familiar with Chris Cotter’s haircut, that’s pretty harsh.