The autopsies were written after the Giants’ trudge-fest against the Ravens last Friday night, and typically, coach Tom Coughlin found someone to disparage who wasn’t named Tom Coughlin. At least one of Camp Coughy Gitmo’s prisoners took umbrage, according to the New York Daily News’ Ralph Vacchiano.

Two days after what Tom Coughlin called a “soft” performance in Baltimore by the defensive line, yesterday’s morning meeting wasn’t a pleasant one for DE Osi Umenyiora (above).

“Obviously, I’m the worst defensive end in all of football after hearing the comments that were made in there,” he said. “At this point in my career I feel like I know when I made a mistake. There’s nothing a coach can say to me that I haven’t said to myself 10 times already. As soon as I mess up, I know. So you don’t have to do that to me.”