Business history is littered with companies that didn’t understand the first thing about public relations. Whether it’s Jack In The Box poisoning their loyal customers, JetBlue allegedly forcing a passenger to sit in the toilet for two hours, or a cruel & callous record company executive showing little regard for the persons who pay his salary, it’s hard to believe some of these outfits can remain in operation.

No firm, however, has tested the boundaries of common sense quite like the Detroit Lions. As you might expect from an organization that employs such intellectually-challenged individuals as Matt Millen and John Kitna, a disgruntled season ticket holder was recently sent a profane electronic message. When the Oakland Press’ Pat Caputo decided to go public with the story, a Lions executive told him, “If you write that, it will be factually incorrect and bordering on slander, and I will come after you.” (link courtesy the Fanhouse’s Michael David Smith)

It’s a fascinating approach. Imagine how quicky the recent drama in the New York Mets clubhouse might’ve been diffused had Jay Horowitz simply threatened to beat up the eyewitnesses?