Nope, not Ken Patera.  Pittsburgh’s WPXI reports TNA World Champion Kurt Angle was arrested earlier today in Robinson Township, PA, and charged with violating a protection from abuse order that had been served earlier in the day.  Angle is accused of stalking girlfriend Rhaka Khan aka Trenesha Biggers, with the WPXI item adding, “police also found a capped syringe and two vials of Hygetropin, otherwise known as HGH.” (link courtesy Jon Solomon)

Pro Wrestling Torch
‘s Wade Keller opines  the above incident “continues to paint a picture of Angle as someone unstable with drug and personal problems continuing to affect his public image and, perhaps, ability to perform his job.”  Of Ms. Biggers, Keller adds, “the talk within TNA for months has been that somehow Angle managed to follow up one of the most volatile relationships in pro wrestling history (he and Karen) with one with the potential to be much worse.”