Plagiarism is a pretty harsh accusation to toss around. But enough about Hillary’s desperation, Jimmy Rollins (above) would have you believe he invented the phrase “team to beat”. And with the somewhat contrived banter between Carlos Beltran and J-Ro managing to pump up fans in both Flushing and Philly, you’d probably figure The Eddie Kranepool Society‘s venerable Steve Keane to be smack in the middle of the trash talk. And he is….sort of.

I’m smitten by Ms. Brooke White, who reminds me of girls I chased around during high school. I wish they had a pic of her with the curley hair Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If she gets bounced out early then I™m done with the show.

By the way Paula needs to get back on the happy pills and Randy needs to sue the doctor who performed his gastric bypass and Simon, well he just needs to go fuck himself.