It’s not as though I needed yet another excuse to link to the above bit of history, but Sports Radio Interviews transcribed a recent chat with Orlando G Vince Carter, and how exactly could anyone discuss his entire career with noting one of the most brutal posterizations seen in any sort of play, international or domestic?

œThat was probably one of the proudest moments of my life when I did that. It™s something that you just can™t duplicate. I tell you once it happened, like a month after the Olympics, having a conversation with my buddies, I tried to jump over a guy who is 6²5³. Now Frederic Weis is 7²1³, or something like that “ who™s counting? He™ might of been 7²2³, but whatever. My buddy is 6²5³. I tried to jump over him. I almost hurt him and myself at the same time. So the moon and stars must have been aligned correctly at the same time for me to do that. But, hey, whatever.