FOX’s national voice for Baseball openly admitted to not enjoying the game he covers, cramming for weekend matchups, thinking that the games are too long and that the game just isn’t the same. Unbelievable. You’re getting paid millions of dollars for watching a game three hours. Cry me a river! What’s even worse than that was the fact that he was on for another 4 or 5 minutes talking about a Cubs-Red Sox World Series. Are you kidding me?!Awful Announcing, 7/02/08

Indeed, it’s inexcusable.  Buck should represent Fox Sports by building interest for a Cardinals-Red Sox World Series.

But in all seriousness, Buck’s continued employment as the face/voice of the former National Pastime is something of a mystery in that you’ll struggle to find one person who actually enjoys his work. Given that Fox’s studio show has now added Rob Dibble to the Doofus Duo of K-Squared and Jeanne Zelasko, it’s now possible to watch a full 3-4 hours of NewsCorp baseball programing without hearing one commentator you’ve not fantasized about beating to death with a ballpeen hammer.