From’s Tom Curran.

Howard Eskin of WIP in Philadelphia is reporting that Terrell Owens entered the Cowboys locker room after their 38-24 loss and roared, “Why did you guys bring me here! Why the (bleep) am I here?”

Owens, no doubt, was fuming over only catching three passes for 45 yards in the loss. By unofficial count, the Cowboys targeted Owens on 11 plays. He had three drops. Two passes intended for him were intercepted.

Amidst the soap opera nonsense, a few tiny facts should not go ignored.  The Eagles did a terrific job on T.O. during the first half.  Drew Bledsoe has enough trouble completing passes when he’s upright — he’s much worse when flat on his back staring at the sky.  On a day the Cowboys OL was virtually Texan-esque in their poor protection of the noted Everclear enthusiast, rather than fixate on Mr. Twenty Five Million Reasons To Live, it’s worth asking if Dallas might be better team with someone slightly more mobile calling the signals. Like, say, George Wallace.