The Memphis Commerical Appeal’s Ronald Tillery reports that Mike Fratello has been dusted in Memphis, the Grizzlies’ 6-24 record rendering the club little more than a lottery contender for the rest of the season.

Not to say the Grizzlies haven’t been painful to watch this season, but if Michael Heisley wants to blame someone for the franchise’s on-court woes, he might want to fire the guy that allowed Pau Gasol to play in the World Championships.

Over at the Lil’ Blogging Conglomerate that could, one of Marcel Mutoni’s loyal readers saw fit to lambaste Poison Pete Vescey for his attacks on Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith (“they played the sport and understand it. You don’t.”)  Vescey proves even worse at answering reader mail than me.

“Judging by your response it only confirms what level of IQ Barkley and Smith appeal to; I have no doubt you learn plenty from them. Just as I have no doubt you’re part of Stephen A-Hole’s studio audience”

Y’know, I had the recent misfortune of staying at the Hotel Pennsylvania (yikes) and I have to take issue with Vescey on this one.  Stephen A. Smith doesn’t really have a studio audience.  As Will Leitch confirmed ages ago, they’re practically dragging tourists by their earlobes into “Quite Frankly” tapings.  The Washington Times sales department Moonie recruiters could learn a thing or two from Smith’s staff.