The numbers for Patriots WR Randy Moss are nothing short of staggering thru 4 games ; 31 catches, 7 TD’s, 505 yards, and not one hint of discord, on or off the field.

Had Moss caught say, a third as many passes and not scorer in ’07, would the Boston Herald be nearly so quick to trumpet the prolific pass catcher being named “Official Spokesperson and Advocate for American Youth Football”, or hail his growing appetite for the Hooded Casanova’s brand of Kool-Aid?

Pro Football Talk claims Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz — reaping the spoils of the Lions’ 3-1 start — should be “on the short list of replacement candidates once the pink slips start to fly in January.” PFT tips the Giants as one of the clubs that might show interest, and given Martz’ tangles with players and front office in St. Louis, who wouldn’t enjoy his likely treatment at the hands of WFAN?