Well, other than the Captain throwing more traffic Soft Hands’ way. From the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman.

The Yankees have been awfully quiet this offseason, and it is interesting how in the last couple of days Rodriguez has been whispered more and more. By most accounts, the White Sox would like to trade for Rodriguez with Joe Crede and one of two pitchers, Mark Buehrle or Freddy Garcia (above) as bait.

Publicly, Rodriguez™ agent, Scott Boras, and Yankees GM Brian Cashman have said there will be no trade. Given the keg of gunpowder and pile of cash that always seems within reach of owner George Steinbrenner, the volume on Rodriguez swap-talk could start dialing up this week.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s John Hickey writes that while the Mariners remain interested in reacquiring Garcia, they’re considering putting Richie Sexson on the trading block, as well as making a run at the not-declining-at-all Luis Gonzalez. Seattle’s signing of Jose Guillen is all but a done deal.