I’ll get a few positive notes out of the way first about the Mets’ 5-1 win yesterday over the Giants ;

1) Seeing Tom Glavine approach any semblance of competency is a very good thing.
2) There’s nothing bad about watching baseball’s most overpaid singles hitter, Mike Piazza, go 3 for 5, including a crucial bloop single to drive in two runs.
3) Though the logic of Carlos Beltran bunting with runners on first and second and none out completely escapes me (particularly with Piazza hitting behind him), I cannot argue with the results. Beltran’s sacrifice kept NY out of the double play (always a likelihood with Piazza up and a runner on first) and set up Piazza’s game winning hit. But I’m baffled why Willie Randoplh is married to Beltran-Piazza-Floyd as his 3-4-5, and cannot help but think David Wright has to move up sooner rather than later.
4) Mike Cameron (above) continues to play at a level where he can no longer be considered trade bait. Which is great news for everyone except Victor Diaz.
5) Man, those Giants are old.

All of that said, Glavine’s postgame chitchat with the Fox yacksters was embarrassing. The former Braves ace was allowed, yet again, to cite the Mets’ pourous defense of the past as a contributing factor for his throwing the ball right down the middle of the plate, loss of velocity, concentration, ducking the Braves, etc. Glavine, supposedly, has new “confidence” bourne from being surrounded by 8 potential Gold Glove winners.

Full credit to the slumping Doug Mientkiewicz — he knows he’s been sucking up a storm, openly admits it and sits on the bench cheering his replacement, Chris Woodward (who, along with virtually every sub on the Mets other than Eric Valent, has made a major contribution at one time or another this season). Glavine, by contrast, has never had any shortage of circumstances to point to other than his own diminished skills. He’s not the only Mets pitcher to have been victimized by inept fielders, lack of run support or a diabolical bullpen, but from his interviews with lovestruck reporters, you’d think otherwise.

Jeanie Zelasko’s new haircut is pretty horrible, and not that I wanna get all Go Fug Yourself on you, but she’s neither eye candy nor a effervescent commentator. Pretty much like Kevin Kennedy without a cock, then.