Since many of you have jobs, families, need to get to bed before 4am, etc., I will not attempt to catalog all of the things that make TNA Impact borderline unwatchable (and for me, an exercise in masochism that any crap psychologist would have a field day with). But were such a list to be compiled, at the very top I would put the announce team of Josh Matthews and D’Angelo Dinero aka The Pope. The former seems to have maintained a job simply on the premise that a large percentage of the viewership either believe they’re listening to Michael Cole or consider Cole to be a standard bearer of some sort (kind of like Brett Michaels as a surrogate Vince Neil).

As for Dinero ; not since the heyday of former SportsChannel announcer Fran Healy have I endured a mouthpiece so devoid of insight or wit. Calling Dinero the worst announcer in wrestling is selling him short — he might be the least appealing public speaker anywhere on the planet. Consider this a public appeal for any wrestling promotion, big or small, to return Mr. Dinero to the squared circle as a member of their active roster. Though I doubt anyone is dying to see him return to competition, removing the microphone from his hands might be the best thing that could possibly happen to America’s 5th or 6th most popular wrestling show.