Exactly a month after being roundly mocked for (allegedly) telling a bunch of little leaguers Derek Jeter was one of the modern game’s no-goodniks, Hall Of Famer Jim Rice has inspired similar ridicule after describing K.C. starter / Cy Young candidate Zach Greinke (above)  as “a right-handed Roger Moret.”

Though the bench-jockeying Greinke’s been tossed from tonight’s game with Boston, it was Wednesday’s 6 scoreless inning against the Red Sox that caused Rice (blogging via the auspices of Sullivan Tire) to opine thusly ;

He doesn™t strike me as the dominant force that Pedro was during his statistical peak. Don™t get me wrong, Greinke pitched very effectively but he was not the unhittable beast on the mound that Pedro or Clemens (or even Johan Santana) were during their reign of dominance.

He only gave up two hits in 6 innings but struggled with his command and, with 5 strikeouts, it™s not like he was punching tickets up and down the Red Sox lineup.

This is about all the Sporting Blog’s Chris Littman can take, noting, “that intangible ‘How Jim Rice Feels’ column was somehow left out on Baseball Reference.”

I humored Rice and looked up Moret. In his playing days, he was two inches taller and about 20 lbs. lighter than Greinke. At no point did Moret approach Greinke’s strikeout numbers from this season. In fact, his best year, 1974, he had 111 to go with 79 walks. Is that a K/BB ratio that looks anything like what Greinke is sporting this season?

But look, Rice saying he was unimpressed by Greinke based solely on one start that was one of his most average of the year is like saying you were unimpressed by The Roots on a night Questlove didn’t play drums.

I’m not sure if I get the analogies — Littman’s or Rice’s.  For starter’s Greinke’s had some personal issues, but he’s never been, as far as I can tell, in a Moret-esque state of locker room catatonia (though anyone who had to put up with Buddy Bell’s flatulence might’ve blacked out once or twice).   As for Jim Ed, though it’s tempting to say he oughta keep a low profile from here on out, better that he gives his honest opinions, first hand impressions (ie. exactly what Sullivan Tire is paying for!) than merely allows today’s ballplayers to slide by on reputation.  I’m not sure how you’d keep a job talking or writing about (American League) baseball without having seen Greinke pitch several times this season, but if anyone can manage to do so, it oughta be the former Fenway Franks spokesperson. |

And Questlove’s perfectly alright.  But he’s no Chuck Biscuits.  (The Sporting Blog link culled from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)