Boston College is 20 minutes away from claiming the ’07 National Championship, as the Eagles currently hold a 1-0 lead over Michigan State during the 2nd intermission in St. Louis. While Jason Cohen has already opined that the Frozen Four is “not the most colorful or funny of sporting events,” citing the following entry from U.S. College Hockey Online (“Among those distractions are dealing with the media. Maine’s press conference was crowded on Wednesday afternoon, with 25 to 30 active writers and reporters. That figure is expected to grow well past the century mark as the weekend goes on.”), the tournament is very noteworthy to casual fans like myself for the following reasons :

a) having Gary Thorne call the finale means it would impossible for him to do play by play for a baseball game the same evening. Thank you, College Hockey Powers That Be.

b) this occasional reminder that winning “Dream Job” did little more for Mike Hall’s TV career than a later victory did for that of Dee Brown, led me to the following Wiki pseudo-factoid regarding “Dream Job” also-ran Zachariah Selwyn.

He was on G4’s appearance at the AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo), as he performed as “Reggie Cupid” in the “Cupid University of Movie Making” sketch – Which was the cornerstone of G 4’s highest rated TV program in the network’s existence.

We can only hope that in the unfortunate event UK Conquest loses the services of “Skirmish!” host Alan Partridge, Zach is available to fill-in.  Or Gary Thorne, for that matter.