…and it’s a shame he couldn’t have flashed a stop sign to Manny Ramirez with one out in the bottom of the 8th against Detroit.

After one of the more embarrassing Mets losses in recent memory (and a sobering glimpse of what Cole Hamels might be doing to the rest of the NL over the next decade), I’m really struggling to think of something postive to say.  So here goes : Chris Woodward gets better every week as Johnny Drama. He’s so good with the side project, he might wanna pursue it full-time.

As mentioned earlier, Pedro Martinez didn’t last long Monday night.  The Journal News’ John Delcos explains why.

As I write this, Pedro Martinez is already back in New York. He left right away for home after giving up six runs in the first inning due to a strained right calf muscle. The Mets party line is Pedro knows his body better than anybody and wanted to pitch.

“How many times has he complained of his toe hurting and he punches out 10?” pitching coach Rick Peterson asked. Frankly, I don’t know. I’m sure it has been a few. I’m also sure that with the status of their pitching, and their lead, and that he’s already been on the DL this year, that if Martinez is to say something is bothering him I wouldn’t let him start.

Delcos asks “you have a 15-game lead, pitching is your concern and one of your keys complains of something so why does he start the game to begin with?”  Well, because he’s on the same stretching regiment that worked wonders for Jose Reyes?  Just kidding. I don’t know.  Delcos is right right right and without a healthy Pedro in October, the Mets are fucked X 3.

The Rockies took a 1-0 lead into the bottom of the 7th tonight against the Snakes. Somebody needs to do something to increase the offense at Coors Field, maybe adjust the altitude.

Matt Leinart finally signed a 6-year deal with the Cardinals tonight. Where’s your God now, Brenda?