(“Rev. Halofan”, whatever you say, Arte)

The following post, headlined “Adios Angels! Addict Hamilton Denies Any Relapse Responsibility” and bylined Rev. Halofan, was published by SB Nation’s Halo’s Heaven yesterday at 5pm. It’s been deleted since, but it’s harder to understand what would possess someone to write such a thing, let alone publish it.

In a telling show that he is as infantile as the day he first shoved blow up his nose at the local tit bar, Josh Hamilton used the cover of an enabling Joint Drug Agreement (JDA) between MLB and the Players Union to deny any culpability in his relapse.

This coddled hillbilly had no shame in explaining that his relapse into drug and alcohol use (abuse?) was not his problem. As transcribed by Alden Gonzalez for MLB.com, Josh mocked Arte’s naiévété in believing Josh would put baseball first over booze, cocaine and the social nexus where these products are consumed away from society’s basic strictures. On Arte he said:

“He knew what the deal was when he signed me. Hands down. He knew what he was getting, he knew what the risks were, he knew all those things. Under the JDA, it is what it is.”

In other words: Arte signed an addict, that is his problem, not the addict’s problem. No accountability. No taking responsibility. No apologies. And so no accountability for his personal negligence. Just embracing the enablers, mocking the man who had faith in him.

Josh, when you finally die of a drug related matter it won’t be Arte Moreno’s fault. It won’t be the fault of the good fans in Anaheim who figured out your little game. They might have Donnie Moore’s karma on them but they won’t have yours. As much as I would like to say the blame for your future fate lies with the enabling national media and coddling players union, I think of Steve Howe’s face crushed against his truck’s windshield on a lonely interstate highway with crystal meth in his bloodstream and I know that all the blame will be on you, all of it, as it was with Howe. I can only hope that when you do yourself in, which you will, that, mercifully like Howe, you take nobody else with you.

Good bye Josh, today is the first day of the rest of your life and you used it to announce to the world that nothing will ever be your fault. Happy snorting.