Just to be perfectly clear, I’m not referring to Michael Cimino’s 1980 cinematic bomb, but rather, Marshall Applewhite’s suicide cult.

I’ve watched the above video three or four times and I think I’ve finally figured out the message. Parr’s Red, White and Blue guitar symbolizes freedom and the American Dream.  There is of course, no bigger American dream than tooling around town in a convertible, prior to adjourning to a hotel room with three ladies (who are also interpretive dancers) who cannot wait to fondle one’s mullet.

The next time someone wishes out loud MTV was still showing music videos, just think of what future generations are being spared.  If Billy Squire could sue the director of “Rock Me Tonight” for making him look effeminate, surely there’s a class action windfall awaiting each and every person who has viewed the above aesthetic atrocity.