Noting the Mets’ lavish tribute to uh, a guy who never played for them (I guess the Dave Kingman Rotunda just wasn’t gonna happen), the New York Times’ Jack Curry plants a tempting sum in the mind of SS Jose Reyes ; Jackie Robinson’s 19 career steals of home.

œIt™s unbelievable, Reyes said. œImagine a guy stealing home 19 times? After you did it the first time, everybody is aware. So he stole 18 more times. There™s something amazing about that. There™s something that™s hard to believe.

“Maybe, one day soon, I™ll try it, Reyes said. œI want to try, but they always talk to me about it. When Carlos Delgado is hitting, the third baseman is almost playing at shortstop. That™s why I can take a huge lead there. I™m going to try and do it. Sooner or later, you™re going to see me.

If Reyes is on third when Delgado is batting, he salivates as the third baseman relocates about 40 feet to the left to play Delgado to pull. With each step the third baseman takes, Reyes wanders closer to the plate. Reyes says he knows some methodical left-handed pitchers that he feels he can steal home against.

œI™m going to try and do it, Reyes said. œAt least once, you™re going to see me do it.”