The Fish took the nightcap of their twinbill with the Braves on Tuesday, a 5-1 win that was marked by a long solo HR by Miguel Cabrera off John Smoltz, along with an early exit by Miggy who strained his right hammy while trying to go from first to third on a Josh Willingham double in the 7th. Rookie righty Rick Vanden Hurk, just called up from Double A Carolina, earned his first win while taking a no-no into the 7th inning before allowing a Yunel Escobar double in the top of the 7th.

Vanden Hurk, who brought a big league ERA of 12.75 into last night’s action, is just the 6th player from the Netherlands to make it to the majors — Honus Cruyff, of course, being the first.

The scary TV moment of late Tuesday night was not Tony Graffanino bunting into his own face (and homering) an at bat later in Milwaukee’s 7-5 win over the Cubs, but rather, Scott Van Pelt calling reliever Francisco Cordero a “Biz Markie lookalike.”

Poor judgement, Astros-style. Manny Corpas plunked Panamian WBC teammate Carlos Lee with the Rox leading Houston, 2-1 in the 9th inning, resulting in a staredown from the Astros’ outfielder. Because after, there’s no better time to throw at someone than in the 9th inning.

In the ensuing bench-clearing pleasantries, Lance Berkman was amongst the Astros seen milling about. Trouble is, he’d already been ejected in the 8th inning for disputing a checked swing call. Berkman wasn’t exactly inconspicuous — he was the only guy on the field wearing shorts and a sleeveless tee.
Line of the night goes to David “May I Dance Wif Yo’ Dates” Pinto :

I was just looking at the Yankees/White Sox boxscore, and noticed D. Day pitching. And I thought his whereabouts were unknown!