Given his not so tiny role in spreading unattributed allegations about former ESPN analyst Harold Reynolds, Deadspin’s Will Leitch would seem a curious choice for one of the new hire’s first interviews.  But full credit to Reynolds and MLB Advanced Media — if there’s a P.R. war to fight, they’ve probably picked the right battlefield. I mean, if Leitch can give John Rocker a shoulder to cry on, a balanced approach to Reynolds’ case is no great leap.

In addition to a denial of having taken a course in what Leitch calls “sexual harrassment training” (surely he means “sensitivity training”?), Reynolds demurs on the question of whether or not ESPN is “a difficult place for women to work” (“Anytime you have women in a sports environment, it’s going to be difficult to them. They’re just outnumbered; they become a minority,”) and sadly for Will, rejects a request for a hug (“I don’t think my lawyers would like that too much.”)  But here’s the part I found truly sad :

Do you still talk with any of the guys from the show?

Kurkjian and Peter (Gammons) have called, and I speak with them a lot. Ravech has tried to contact me a couple of times. The main people I worked with were Peter, Karl, Krukie and occasionally Kurkjian, and everybody’s contacted me except for Kruk. I’m not gonna sit here and slam him, though.

So there you have it.  The next time Sir Kruk waxes poetic about the importance of standing up for one’s teammates, you’ll know that once again, he’s totally full of shit.