The always effervescent Ronnie Lane was in rare form on XM 175 earlier this evening. A typical manic caller wanted some insight into the White Sox’s pursuit of 3B Bill Mueller “since Joe Crede has back problems”

“Now….I don’t see them going after Mueller. What’s wrong with Joe Crede?” asked Lane.

“He’s got some bad discs in his back?” stammered the caller, perhaps surprised that the always knowledgeable host had either a) not read about Crede’s back or b) not listened to the whole of the question.

The listener continued to pepper Lane with suggestions for ways the White Sox could bolster their 2006 lineup — perhaps moving one of their surplus starters or relievers, etc.

“This team just won the World Series,” scoffed Lane. “I don’t think they need to change very much.”

Good thing Chicago didn’t just trade their starting center fielder for Jim Thome, seeing as standing pat is good enough for an expert like Ronnie Lane.

Can’t XM find someone with modest credentials to host their evening baseball show, or is Lane working for free?