As heard on WFAN, earlier today.

Russo : I’m not interested in the 4th Amendment. As a consumer of sport who pays money to go to games…these guys are entertainers…I have a right to know, as a customer, if the people I am paying to watch are cheating by doing steriods. I think I have a right to know that as a fan.

Mike From Ringwood : So you don’t have any issue then, with how you find out about those results. It doesn’t matter what law is trampled on to get those results…the law of baseball trumps the United States constitution?

Russo : If I was doing this talk program every day, drunk or on marijuana, would you have a right to know as a listener?

Caller Mike : Uhh…

Russo : You’re darned right you would!

Caller Mike : No, I wouldn’t.

Russo : Yes ,you would. You support our advertisers.