Yahoo Sports’ Michael Silver has done comprehensive work in chroncling the extent to which Browns head coach Eric Mangini — he of the 23-27 career record — has alientated Cleveland veterans and rookies alike with a maniacal approach that borders on the Belichickian.  Except, of course, the Hooded Casanova has a slightly more glittering resume. On Saturday, Silver shares another report of  Mangini continuing to hone his people skills

One player was fined $1,701 (the maximum allowed under the CBA) because he failed to pay for a $3 bottle of water he™d consumed at a hotel while the team was on the road. Gee, if the Browns keep losing and some guys on the team stop playing hard for this guy, I wonder why that™ll be?

On top of that, you have to wonder about Cleveland as a destination for future free agents.  About the nicest thing I can say about Mangini is that during his Jets tenure, he at least had the dignity to refrain from calling season ticket holders during dinner. Seriously, given the price of Gang Green season tickets, what percentage of those holding ducats for tomorrow’s game against New England do you think had forgotten about it or were contemplating other plans?