Shortly after we’ve learned Fred and Jeff WIlpon actually profited from the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme, details from Jamie McCourt’s divorce proceedings againsts Dodgers co-owner Frank reveal an alleged net worth of some $1.2 billion. No more jokes, presumably from T.J. Simers, wondering if his standard of living would drop were he to switch jobs with Frank for a week. Amidst claims from Jamie’s lawyers that Frank, “will continue to enjoy the marital life of luxury, reside in the fabulous homes, enjoy the lush gardens, the pools, the spas, and all the other amenities of the family properties. He will continue to travel in luxury on private jets and stay in the grandest hotels,” Dodger Thoughts’ Jon Wiseman insists “the McCourt’s have torched themselves in the Los Angeles community.”

From player payroll to Dodger Stadium ticket and amenities pricing, the explicit acknowledgment of where so much of their money goes, their unrepentant selfishness and greed, is going to bring exponentially more skepticism to any future Dodgers-related decision they make.

I’m not trying to say it’s shocking that the Dodgers owners are greedy “ or that they are unique in their greed. I’m just saying that they’re no longer going to be able to cover their greed with a pretty picture, and that does make a difference.

Some fear the divorce proceeding will hamper the Dodgers’ offseason plans, and for good reason. On the other hand, isn’t this the time when you buy the kids a nice pony to take their mind off the ugliness?