…about this footage of a brawl between fans of Red Star Belgrade and PAOK Thessaloniki (with Partizan Belgrade supporters joining in for good measure), is that Jermaine O’Neal failed to lay out a single one of them.

The other day, I characterized the impending NBA Store / multi-blogger throwdown with Gilbert Arenas as “a public circle jerk.”. If Wizznutzz’ version of events is correct, I might’ve been too prescient for comfort.

We are hifiving and goosesteppin down 5th ave like Laverne and 2 Shirleys and Im like “OK its almost 6 lets get to the NBA store and stake out a spot” and the guys are like “cool” but then Matts like “I gotta break a dollar, lets go into Playland porn palace real quick” and thats cool with me , Steinz and I figure we can look to see if we can catch MJ abusing some dominican whorez. But no Salieri in site, so while Matts with the change dude, Im like Hey Steinz lets go in this thing called a ‘Buddy Booth’ and hes like Cool that sounds like a place for two pals to chill out and wait for a buddy, so we go in separate doors and its dark and then next thing I know this wall slides up and I see a sight that would even bring tears to the eyes of “Virgin pete” Ramos!!!! It was like being in the mothering hut again, but being in the mothering hut with Harvey Keitel!!!