From Reuters’ Michele Gershberg :

Market research conducted by the NFL found that women sports fans want marketing addressed to their interests but don’t want to feel like they are being treated differently from men, Goodell told the Reuters Media Summit in New York.”It’s a very big initiative,” he said. “(Women) fans want to be treated as real fans because they love the game and they understand the game and they want to have the opportunity to experience the game just as anyone else does.”

Leave The Man Alone’s Head Chick In Charge welcomes Goodall’s sentiments, and has a number of suggestions, amongst them, “Give Us A Little Eye Candy”.

If the NFL is going to shamelessly stick their cameras up cheerleader’s skirts, then they can make sure the women have a little something to look at too. I don’t want a bunch of Tony Reali clones, but this can range from just making sure the male on-air talent looks their best all the way to giving the ladies a few shots of the guns and some close-ups of the handsome guys.

H.C.I.C., if it is eye candy you want, eye candy you shall receive.  CSTB is all about giving the lady humans what they want.