Basketbawful has compiled video selections from some of this spring’s more notable playoff assaults and notes, “three of these examples involve somebody thumping Lebron James, which is less Rambis versus McHale and more Bad Boy Pistons versus Michael Jordan. This goes way beyond hombre-ism and straight into the realm of cheap-shotery. And you know what? I love it. I never realized much I enjoyed this kind of tooth-rattling, bone-jarring it’s-okay-to-hate-your-opponents intensity until — all of a sudden, out of nowhere — it was back. Tell the truth: Doesn’t this make the playoffs way more interesting? The word you’re searching for is: Yes.”

The skilled author of the above passage neglected to include this clip :

Please excuse Jannero Pargo if he’s not buying what Basketbawful is selling. Though in fairness, that’s been Pargo’s biggest TV moment this season.